Scholarship Programs

SPE Turkey Section Scholarship program aims to help successful undergraduate PETE students in funding their educational expenditures. Scholars are expected to sustain their academic success and attend all SPE Turkey Section technical events to build their technical background. Upon graduation, scholars are welcome as members and more importantly volunteers for SPE Turkey Section.

SPE Turkey Section Scholarship is a non-recourse scholarship officially, however, the aspiration of this program is to generate a chain, in which graduated scholars will be a part of SPE Turkey Section family, support events and hence help in sustaining scholarship programs.

Scholarship Committee, which is constituted by SPE Turkey Section Scholarship Chairperson, SPE Turkey Section Board representative and Professors from PETE departments, determine the scholars among applicants concerning two main criterion. Firstly, the academic success of the applicant and secondly the monetary status of his/her family.

SPE Turkey Section proudly emphasizes that, the scholarship program initiated by the board in charge today in 2013 and had been given to 18 PNGE students all graduated with a total amount of 29,450 TL as the end of 2018.

SPE Turkey Section proudly announces that, like the previous year, the scholarship program has been initiated again for the BSc students in the Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Departments of Turkey. The scholarship had been given to 6 students in 2014, 7 students in 2015, 5 students in 2016, 4 students in 2017 and 2018. For this academic semester, the scholarships will cover the five-month period, February, March, April, May, June, 2019 (250 TL/month) and are available to all undergraduate students except students who are at senior year.

Download the application form (located here), fill it out and e-mail the completely filled document to the e-mail address until the date 07.03.2019.

  • Collect all the documents described in the list (located here) and post them by mail to the specified address below until 08.03.2019 at the latest.

After consideration process, all the candidates will be interviewed on 12.03.2019 at 18:00 in METU-Ankara Campus (WhatsApp call interviews will be held for students in other Universities). The qualified students will be designated and announced by communicating the winners on 14.03.2019, Thursday.





Türkiye Petrolleri 

Söğütözü Mahallesi, 2180. Cadde No: 10

Üretim Daire Başkanlığı

Sıtkı Sancar Binası Oda:346

06100 Çankaya – Ankara / TÜRKİYE

For further information and questions you can communicate with:



Important Dates:

07.03.2019 -   Deadline for e-mailing the application form to

08.03.2019 -   Hand or mail delivery date for the required documents to the specified address

12.03.2019 -   Interviews starting from 18:00 in METU-Ankara Campus and via WhatsApp for other universities.

14.03.2019 -   Date for the announcement of the qualified students


List of Required Documents (in Turkish)

Application Form