Activity Calendar (2018-2019)





September 25, 2018,Ankara

Guest Speaker

Coşan Ayan

Reservoir and Fluid Characterization with Formation Testers: Reducing Asset Uncertainities

October 07, 2018, Istanbul

Distinguished Lecturer 

Gary F. Teletzke

Carbon dioxide in the Subsurface - From EOR to Storage

November 07, 2018, Ankara
Guest Speaker Darcy Spady SPE Members as Change Drivers: Our Responsibility to Provide Energy and Innovate but also to Drive Community Consensus
January 11, 2019,Ankara Distinguished Lecturer  Martin Rylance The "Fracts" of Life (Common Failures Mechanisms Associates with Fracturing)
April 3, 2019,Ankara

Distinguished Lecturer 

Med Kamal

Fracturing Conventional & Unconventional Reservoirs; What is In and Out in Today's Pressure and Rate Transient Analysis