Message from Tugan

While we just passed through a year of strong recession in the oil industry, we as SPE Turkey Section did not change down, on the contrary, increased the number of activities. We believe recession periods are unique opportunities for self-development and refreshing our minds.

In the past 3 years of our management in the board, we brought and consolidated a tradition of “once a month technical activities” and continuously trying to enlarge our team with “highly talented young professionals”. Today, we can easily access academics and professionals worldwide, invite them to lectures and perform the lectures in full conference halls. I believe many people placed SPE Turkey Section in an apart position in their hearts and this heritage will be enough to sustain the pace gained in the past 3 years. From now on, we will try to develop innovative ideas to meet the needs of a changing World.

In the upcoming year, we set our objectives to become a more powerful and prestigious society in Turkey building collaboration with other societies working on earth sciences. We know that we are all in the same ship and heading to the same destination, which is staying up-to-date in the incredibly fast developing global oil industry. We also strike into more social events to attract young professionals which will be the future of SPE Turkey Section.

Dr. Murat Fatih TUĞAN

SPE Turkey Section, Former President (2015-2017)