Message from Gözel

Due to the increasingly challenging environment for oil & gas exploration and production, the need for sharing high-quality technical information and expertise has never been more essential. This is the point where Society of Petroleum Engineers comes into the picture and acts as one of the most important driving force for the industry. The society with its more than 164,000 members in 143 countries has the mission/vision of collecting, disseminating and exchanging technical knowledge to provide opportunities for professionals/students to enhance their competence and meeting the world’s energy need in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

As a section of this powerful society, SPE Turkey Section shares the same values and brings its members together on a dynamic, fruitful and sharing platform. Organizing technical lectures, conferences, and workshops, we are trying to keep section members up-to-date by following up the emerging technical and strategical developments. As an extremely important part of the section, young professionals meet regularly at both technical and social events in a friendly environment which preserves the strong relationships of all ages. Last but not least, students who are the future of the section have important roles in the section with their chapter activities. There are five student chapters supported by the section actively working for continuous development and learning. In addition to supporting chapter activities, organizing paper contests and scholarship programs have been the long-standing activities of the section which are very important for awareness and continuity.

As SPE Turkey Section, our main objective is to become a powerful and ever-growing society with a spirit of sharing and collaboration with other societies working on earth sciences. Considering the dynamics of the industry, not only following latest developments but also contributing to them must be our motivation as a society. As the board, we are volunteers for this important purpose and you are kindly invited to join us for a more successful and sustainable future. It is worth finishing with a wonderful quote from Yogi Berra: In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. But in practice, there is...

Mustafa Erkin Gözel

SPE Turkey Section, Former President (2018-2020)