Mustafa Erkin Gözel

Mr. Mustafa Erkin GÖZEL 
Executive Advisor, SPE Turkey Section
Reservoir Engineer, Turkish Petroleum Corporation (TP)


Mustafa Erkin GÖZEL graduated from METU Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Department in 2008 and started to work for TP Batman District Production Department as a production engineer. He specialized about the artificial lift, gas production-to-sale and injection systems operated for the heavy oil fields near to Turkey-Syria border. He continued his carreer in TP General Directorate Production Department as a reservoir engineer after two year field experience. While working in TP he graduated from MSc in 2015 from METU PETE. He has been working in several projects including waterflooding, naturally fractured reservoir characterization, Iraq fields projects and he is member of unconventional projects team.

His interest areas are mainly naturally fractured reservoirs, enhanced oil recovery and unconventional resources. He focuses on reservoir management - development, numerical simulation, pressure transient analysis and chemical EOR methods for the brown fields.

Mustafa Erkin GÖZEL is currently working for TP as a reservoir engineer. He is also a member of PMO (Chamber of Petroleum Engineers) and SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers). He is an executive board member of SPE Turkey Section since 2012.