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Natural gas has only done this twice in the last decade, and it could mean more pain ahead
Natural gas has only been this overbought once before in the past 10 years, Miller Tabak's Matt Maley says.

How the oil patch turned itself around and is attracting a whole new group of investors
Old line energy companies have reversed their fortunes and are now expected to be big generators of cash flow that could end up in dividends and share buybacks.

All-electric aircraft from Rolls-Royce completes maiden flight in Britain
The airplane flew across skies in the U.K. for around 15 minutes this week.

Europe's energy crisis is making the market nervous. Analysts expect record-high prices to persist
Analysts believe Europe's record run in energy prices is not expected to end any time soon, warning market nervousness is likely to persist throughout winter.

Chevron CEO explains why the oil giant's lower-carbon investments look past wind and solar energy
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