ASUR'14 / Welcome Letter

Dear Delegates,

Welcome to Ankara, the capital city where Republic of Turkey was born in 1923.

Located in the middle of Europe and Asia, Turkey has been a bridge between supply and demand for centuries for several goods, including oil and gas. Middle East and Central Asia, which hosts large hydrocarbon resources on one side and Europe, where energy demands are tremendously increasing on the other side. Not surprisingly and thanks to increasing hydrocarbon prices, upstream oil and gas industry in Turkey have gained a great pace in recent years.

In May 2012, dreaming of building a new dynamic and active SPE section, which will represent Turkey's oil and gas industry in the international arena, we have been elected as the new SPE Turkey Section Executive Board.

For the last three years, we have been building upon the foundation of the past boards, while adding more energy to our section and increasing our activities. We are trying to organize highly reputable events which include: SPE Turkey Section Seminar Series, Scholarship Programme, Ambassador Lecturer Programs and Social Responsibility Projects.

Today, we are starting a new tradition called "SPE Turkey Section Annual Symposium".

Every year one topic will be selected and this topic will be discussed in a two-day symposium from all directions. This year’s topic is very hot: "Unconventional Resources" and the official name of the event is "SPE Turkey Section Annual Symposium - Unconventional Resources" (ASUR'14).

We highly believe that the momentum created by ASUR'14 will carry on to the following years.

On behalf of the organizing committee, I would like to thank our sponsors and all invited speakers to realize such a great event. Moreover, we sincerely would like to thank Turkish Petroleum Corporation (TPAO) for their support and contributions for this event.

We will have two full days to listen to high quality presentations from the academy and the industry. All aspects of unconventional resources; Shale Gas, CBM, Extra Heavy Oil, Methane Hydrates and Oil Shales will be presented by the experts.

We are very proud to invite you to the highest technical quality event in Turkey concerning all Unconventional Resources, ASUR'14.

I hope you will get best out of this symposium and I wish you a pleasant stay in Ankara, Turkey.

Best Wishes,

Murat Fatih TUĞAN
SPE Turkey Section President
Chief Reservoir Engineer, TPAO