Gamze Aksoy

Ms. Gamze Aksoy

Treasurer, SPE Turkey Section

Reservoir Engineer, Turkish Petroleum Corporation (TP)

Gamze Aksoy has graduated from ITU Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Department in 2007. After receiving scholarship from TPAO, she started studying for her master's degree at Petroleum Engineering Department, Texas A&M University. Formation damage, matrix acidizing, and in-situ gelled acids were the subjects she was interested in during her studies.  Upon graduation in 2011, she started to work for TPAO Batman District Office as a Production Engineer. After three years of field experience, she continued her career in TPAO General Directorate Production Department as a Reservoir Engineer.

Gamze Aksoy is currently working for TPAO as a Reservoir Engineer. She is also a member of PMO (Chamber of Petroleum Engineers) and SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers). She is responsible from scholarship selection procedures of SPE Turkey since 2016.